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Guitar Immersion

Jumpstart your musical journey with our Guitar Immersion program. It’s like music camp for adults. If you want to get rocking fast, this three-day program is for you. We begin with a one-on-one meeting to understand and help you refine your musical goals. Then, based upon your personal taste in music, we work together to choose two songs on which to work. We will dissect each song and not only teach you to play, but discuss the underlying musical structure and theory behind it. It’s a practical, fun, and hands-on way to understand the basics of music.

The action will begin even before the three-day session. To get you primed and to begin to get your fingers in shape (building callouses) you’ll get two one-hour sessions at our studio if you’re local or via Skype if you’re not. The journey continues after your immersion as well, as you’ll be invited to get the rockstar experience and play what you’ve learned at an Altered Stage live gig, which we will immortalize on video for you. Truly zero to rock in no time.

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  • Unlimited visits for 1 week

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